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    Aluminum quick assembly stage introduction:
    The quick assembly stage, also called the quick assembly stage, the quick assembly stage. Recently, Rapid Aluminum stage, a professional manufacturer of quick assembly, has launched a new product.
    Specific parameters of the stage are as follows: professional high-grade aluminum stage:
    1.Aluminum quick assembly stage Specification: 1.22m * 2.44m * 1.0m/1m * 2m * 1m
    Stage table: waterproof and anti-skid 18mm board +9mm high aluminum frame
    Stage footing: Φ 50 mm aluminum alloy tube, height 100 mm load: 500KG or higher
    Stage composition: stage board (18mm thick high-quality stage board, 6082 aluminum frame) : it has 122cm*244cm, 122cm*30cm ladder in specifications, and can also be made into triangle, trapezoid, five-foot star shape as required.
    2. Aluminum quick assembly stage's Structure: the introduction of foreign connection methods to make the stage more stable and build more quickly (see the diagram below)
    3. Characteristics of aluminum stage: compared with iron stage, aluminum stage has three incomparable features: no rust, beautiful appearance and light weight.It is suitable for outdoor and indoor activities and occasions. The service life is several times longer than iron, and the daily maintenance of aluminum alloy stage is simple.
    Aluminum stage compared with the similar aluminum stage: 1. The stage is the use of special customized aluminum open mould making, each part with precise design, details from the convenient and stable to give full consideration to, build fast, good bearing capacity (pictured)Aluminum Mobile Stage quotation

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