China Steel Door Roll Forming Machine

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    Door frame equipment:
    Feeding (Manually) - Leveling - Roll forming - Profile alignment - Photoelectric encoder setting length - Hydraulic automatic cutting - unloading (Manually)
    Equipment Overview:
    The equipment is an automatic production line that makes the security door frame (fireproof door frame) by strip through uncoiling, leveling, roll forming, straightening, length cutting.
    1. Scientific and reasonable roll forming passes layout to avoid the steel tear in the rolling process caused by unreasonable design;
    2. Photoelectric encoder length, hydraulic automatic cut off;
    3. Operator only need one worker.
    Technical Parameters:
    1. Production speed 0-10 m / min adjustable
    2. To meet the different specifications of the security door frame and fire door frame forming
    3. Rolling thickness: on request
    4. Profile cut off the opening of the amount of ≤ 1mmChina Steel Door Roll Forming Machine

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