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    discount Swing (Bản đồ)
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  1. dingchuan

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    Our History
    Aimiqi constantly sticks to its company theory of "Fun Enriching Childhood,Happy Promoting Growth" for many years,and always collects international advanced ideas and elements of children playground to blend into products designing and manufacturing,and then to promote them into national market and international market to improve playing quality of indoor-outdoor activities all over the world.
    Our Factory
    Zhejiang Aimiqi Industrial & Trading Co.,Ltd was set up to create high-quality children playground equipment without power in 2004,which has a registered capital of 20 million,and has been a professional manufacturer of top-quality children playground equipment with the integration of product development,design,manufacture,marketing and after-sale service under one roof.It is located in Wuyi county, Jinhua City with the name of "Hot Spring City"and covers 60 acres for whole land and over 30000sqm of modern factory and all kinds of facilities are equipped very well.
    Our Product
    Outdoor Playground, Indoor Playground, Fitness Equipment, Plastic Toys, Playground Slides, Baby Indoor Play, Baby Balance Bike
    Product Application
    The company develops and manufactures playground equipment and large playground facilities for play and leisure activities, in particular for cities and municipalities, kindergartens and schools as well as recreational parks.
    Production Market
    Distribution and sales range over Asian, as well as overseas countries such as the United States, Japan, Korea, India, the Middle East, Europe and other countries and Swing

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    Gia: 2tr384
    LH: 0938538351 - 0762508481 (PHAT)
    Website: <>

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