Cần bán industrial titanium wire in coil price

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    ASTM B863 GR5 Titanium Welding Wire Oil and Chemicals
    1)pure titanium wire in coil
    2)pure titanium wire straight wire
    3)titanium alloy wire
    4)titanium glass wire
    Size:φ0.5~φ6、(φ0.5~φ6)mm *(1000~12000)mm
    Standard:GB/T3623-2007、GB/T3624-2007、GB/T3625-2007、ASTM B863、ASTM 348
    Specification:High tensile strength、nice flexible、small tolerance、 better straightness 、metallographic structure、High wearability、bone matrix gelatin
    Other metals wire
    1)nickel wire
    2)Zirconium wire
    3)tantalum wire
    4)niobium wire
    5)tungsten wire
    6)molybdenum wire
    Size:φ0.5~φ6、(φ0.5~φ6)mm *(1000~12000)mm
    Standard:GB4435、GB3113、ASTM B550、ASTM B365、ASTM B392-03、QB/SL018-2007、ASTMB387
    1.Craft of the titanium wire
    Titanium sponge→ patterns of electrode→melting→forging→billet→precision forging→lath→annealed→checked and package
    2.Quality control
    Shaanxi Aone titanium have been got the ISO13485:2003;ISO9001:2003 Certification, and strict according to modern enterprise management system to control raw material, production process, finished product inspection control , make the product traceability and steady.
    It will be send to you with our quality certification, and the surface is acid,polished ,sanded, which you can choose.
    4.package details
    1)Standard wooden cases with plastic bags inside.
    2)Three-ply or plywood,fumigation-free.
    3)As the clients requirement.industrial titanium wire in coil price

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